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Karola Pezarro & Aris de Bakker




AKUNZO statement
Pezarro and De Bakker have been working as a duo since 2014 under the name AKUNZO.  The body of work of Akunzo consists of ephemeral, site-specific projects. Each project has a strong commitment to the site and the environment. Projects are a reflection on a site or its history, and often deal with concerns about the future of the planet. Akunzo works on the site and often uses natural materials from the vicinity. The connections between site and artwork reinforce each other and together they form the project. The observer experiences the project as a whole, possibly generating a new view or awareness.

Background Pezarro
Pezarro is originally trained as an (environmental) designer and has realised several works in public space in The Netherlands. In addition, she has always made autonomous works that are based on a strong sense of wonder about fragility of life, about how the human mind works, how you remember, how thoughts fan out. Pezarro makes ‘embroidery-drawings’, carriers with light-hearted luggage and videos.


Background De Bakker
Trained as a sculptor, in the years after the academy, De Bakker focussed on installations in which processes of change were visible. Natural materials that changed faster due to external influences, such as heat and cold. In the course of time he involved participants in the execution of these projects. In addition to these temporary projects, De Bakker occasionally makes figurative sculptures.


L'OBSERVATOIRE Beaux Lieux, Beaulieu-lès-Loches, France. Artist-in-residency.

EVERYTHING FLOWS Sentier Art Nature Gorneton, Chasse sur Rhône, France.

LE NUAGE DE LA PENSEE by Akunzo,Le Tacot Voyage Ephémère, Rontalon, France.

OXYGEN Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Kentucky, VS. Artist-in-residency.

DE WATERDRAAGSTER Woest & Bijster, Landgoed Quadenoord, De Veluwe, The Netherlands. Artist-in-residency.

PRECIOUS Aselart, Mazcuerras, Spain.

IN TRANSIT II Etangs d'Art, La Gacilly, France.

RESERVOIR Art & Gavarres, Girona, Spain.

EN ROUTE Lez'Arts en Adret, Hautecour, France.

DER SCHUTZPATRON Twingi Landart, Binntal, Zwitserland.

IN TRANSIT Etangs d'Art, Bretagne, France.

TADITADATADI Le Parcours des Fées, Crévoux, France.

The Korean Nature Artists’ Association Yatoo | Guemgang Nature Art Biennale selected our video TAKE A MOMENT for the Nature Art Video Exhibition 2020.

UNE VUE DE RÊVE Sentiers des Arts, Royan Atlantique, Le Pôle-Nature, Vitrezay, France.

ECHO OF THE DESERT artist-in-residency in the Tankwa desert, Tankwa Artscape, South Africa.

WHERE IS MY HOME? Taribush, Drente, The Netherlands.

LA GRANDE DAME Vign'Art, Cuis, Champagne, France.

TAKE A MOMENT Horizons Arts - Nature en Sancy, Massif du Sancy, France. Honoured with the 'Prix Publique 2018'.

INTERSEZIONE PONTE DE LIMA International Garden Festival Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

INTERSECTION Art Trails in the Great Outdoors and the Mai Festival, Gesves, Belgium.

INTERSEZIONE DELLA VITA LandArtProject Snijpunt, Ameland, The Netherlands.

CREATURE OF THE WOODS LOOKING WHERE TO GO L'art est dans les bois, Bretagne, France.

OU SE TROUVE LE PETIT CHAPERON ROUGE? Des Artistes en Campagne, Savins, France. Honoured with the 'Prix Land Art 2015'.

ODE TO THE DRAFT HORSE La Fete de Mai, Sentiers d'art dans la nature, Gesves, België.

AT HOME Open Sites Art–Terre, Ploegsteert / Comines-Warneton, België.